Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Passion

Today, we're talking about our passion.. especially my passion towards my future..
I am still hoping that one fine day my hubby will be back to Middle East to have his very own career there while me, become a housewife ... practising all that I'm eager to do.. become a writer of my own.. try a new recipes, snap photos for a sweet memories..but the most important thing is.. I wanna become a good Muslim.. hopefully I would change for good..

That's what I'd really wanna do.. eventhough I know it is hard to achieve.. but I believe the 'One Fine Day' will come...but there's something really makes me want to laugh while we're sharing our's my son's reply..

'Fa'anz biasala.. duduk rumah, makan main game...' WHAT!!?? Is that his passions???
Urgghh.. cant say much.. he's just a kid, cant blame him enough..

"Anz.. I hope that you'll change for good as ur age do that in seconds, minutes, hours, day.. month.. year.. and so on..."

"You'll understand what is life all about... mature and understands it"

They are Great!


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